You Are Insensitive, Your Economic Policy Is Archaic And Obsolete – PDP Youths Leader Tells Buhari
December 1, 2016

You Are Insensitive, Your Economic Policy Is Archaic And Obsolete – PDP Youths Leader Tells Buhari

The Peoples’ Democratic Party Youth Frontier (PDPNYF) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of inflicting hardships on Nigerians with his lack of viable economic initiative by his administration. The group also accused the Buhari administration of lacking the commitment and political will to drive the Nation out of recession he plunged Nigeria into.

The National Coordinator of the Youth body, Comrade Okai Usman, accused Buhari of being insensitive towards the plight of Nigerians. He opined that the President has so far demonstrated carelessness to the groaning of the masses.

The opposition youth group added that the Buhari-led administration came to power through deceit and falsehood, adding that the government has repeatedly showed that they lack the competence required to successfully move the nation forward.

Comrade Okai in a statement added that Buhari Governemnt introduced dubious tariffs since coming to power to deliberately punish Nigerians.

“From Fuel pump price increment to electricity tariff which was increased by 80%, to the numerous ridiculous Bank Charges, and the planned increment of Phone calls and Data tariff, with aim to inflict hardship on Nigerians”.

“We advise the government to realise that any attempt to further increase taxes and duties will overstretch the lean income of ordinary Nigerians”.

The group further accused the Buhari led administration of deliberately and gradually inflict intolerable poverty in the land, lamenting that Naira has lost its value, and the minimum wage is of no value in Nigeria.

Comrade Okai further said that Buhari’s economic policy has led to loss of millions of Jobs, and has magnificently increased poverty in the country.

The PDP Youth Group asks the current administration of Buhari and the APC to show pity on Nigerians and have a rethink in the deliberate act to punish Nigerians. He accused the APC of impoverishing Nigerians in order to buy PVCs in 2019.

PDPNYF decried that it was disheartening that the government which promised the people change are now seeking ways to chain the ways and means of the very people that voted them into power.

“The suffering in Nigeria today is as a result of Buhari’s poor economic policies and the inability of the President to seek helps where necessary. It is now glaring that the APC is not prepared enough for leadership challenges”.

The group added it is laughable for the APC to think that the only way out of recession by multi taxing the citizens , Buhari Governemnt hasn’t justify the income from the petroleum pump price increase.

The Youth groups commended Nigeria’s Senate for outright rejection of the proposed plans by the APC and Buhari to increase data price services and condemned the Minister of Communication for suggesting such archaic and obsolete policy. They went further to implore the Senate to summon more courage to confront every outdated and obsolete policies of the executive, in line with their constitutional mandate.

Usman Okai Austin

National Cordinator PDPNYF