Our Children Need To Learn Financial Intelligence At A Young Age – Ini Ememobong
March 5, 2018

Our Children Need To Learn Financial Intelligence At A Young Age – Ini Ememobong

By Udo Iniodu, Uyo

The Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State, Comrade Ini Ememobong has reminded parents of the need to begin to teach valuable lessons on Financial intelligence to their kids at a tender age to give them a competitive edge in today’s dynamic world.

The PDP Publicity Secretary who spoke as guest during the interview segment of”The Academy” on AKBC radio – a Children’s programme which seeks to hone the talents of children in the area of broadcasting, noted that emerging realities in today’s world has shown that prudent management of money in one’s possession is equally as important as making money itself.

Comrade Ememobong said “One of the hallmarks of good parenting is the ability to inculcate in one’s children, the skills that will make their journey to success less cumbersome. And we will realize that the financially empowered people in today’s world are those who made strenuous efforts in learning the all-important skill of financial intelligence. And experiences have proven that learning a skill at a later age in life is more stressful than growing with a skill through life. So as parents, we need to be proactive about our Children’s future by arming them with important skills like financial intelligence, among others.

“This is what I mean, you can guide your child to go into little buying and selling within your home and sell all the recharge vouchers you need within your household. This doesn’t detract from the child’s ambition. What it does is that it will help the child learn the skill of investing and managing profits.”

The PDP Publicity Secretary also spoke of the need for the children who hold leadership positions like Prefects and class representatives in their various schools to develop an all-round culture of excellence and not only hold on to the fame that comes with the positions they hold.

“If you are a prefect in a Secondary School, you should be a leader in academics too. You must learn to lead from the front in many spheres. Leadership is about action and your actions must inspire others to aspire to do great things. I see a great future for our children in this state.”

Comrade Ememobong who is also a broadcaster, Lawyer and Public Relations strategist also reminded the young broadcasters in training that his love for broadcasting was first ignited on the day he visited the AKBC Radio Studio as a young child in Transition Class.