EXPOSED: How Lai Mohammed Sponsored Youths With N20,000 To Blackmail Saraki
January 9, 2017

EXPOSED: How Lai Mohammed Sponsored Youths With N20,000 To Blackmail Saraki

Oh yee people of 20K and bag of rice, can you answer me please?

Months back, there was a revelation that you all have been drafted into a cult where the price is a mere 20K and you loose your mind and sanity instantly, while this revelation was made, you all called out bluff like we were lunatics and morons but thank God that Sholyment Olusegun Olusola and Kayode Ogunlowo vindicated us.

As we all must have been reading about the serious “gbege” that visited Sholyment the comrade and Ogunlowo the saint. It has been rated as a disappointment and the first greatest deceit to be debased this year. There are some matters that we have to discuss and learn a thing or two.

First Lesson:-

Kayode has just told the whole world the kind  of person he is by exposing the deals that had gone down between himself and Shollyment. It is very unfortunate that Kayode would brag with such an instance forgetting the fact that no Sarakite will ever brag about such good things that was done for him. My questions is, can Kayode and his likes be trusted to lead in any capacity at all?

A good leader must be able to handle criticism and must be happy to have such people that can speak the truth without tagging them as antagonists. 

Shollyment has not done too much to warrant your attempt to destroy him but, dear Kayode, I don’t blame you because this is indeed a reflection of the slave master, the man you claim to be loyal to; Alhaji Lai Muhammed.

Second Lesson:

Shollyment is indeed a foolish young man whose joblessness and hunger led him to this show of shame. How nice would it have been if your criticism was sincere and not favour induced?

Shollyment claims to be fighting for a better Kwara while he gets paid and also receives rice at festival packages and worst still, he is not from Kwara. To all apologists and protagonists of this young hungry glutton called Shollyment, have you all seen how your gullibility robbed you of your senses?

You all jumped to comment on an Ondo born while he smiles to collect his monthly twenty thousand Naira cheque. This is an example of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.

I have read the defence of Shollyment and keep asking my self that is this all we worth as youths these days?

For you to have been included in a payroll of a politician, simply means you don’t have the right to call yourself freedom fighter because when such a politician goes wrong then it’s your duty to lick his ass. I make bold to say that it’s within Saraki’s camp that you find youths standing up to their leaders to tell them the truth without anyone exposing them on social media.

One needs to ask those e-rats what they were thinking while collecting their money with a pending CV and at the same time associating and praising Lai, the slave master, on social media? Were they really serving their conscience? No, they don’t because they have no souls anymore. Their souls have been bought and painfully, they sold their souls for just twenty thousand Naira (N20,000.00).

One thing Ogunlowo said that got everyone thinking was the fact that Shollyment is a beggar and begs a lot. One seams to believe Ogunlowo on this because Shollyment himself confirmed his submission of his CV to Lai and in truth, that’s begging for job addition to the free flat he got in Lagos. Now the question is: what did you do to get such a kind gesture? How easy is it to be gifted such things these days except it’s coming from Saraki or Sarakites!!!

The Sarakites are the only people who can dash out without looking back and when they give out, it’s always big, check #HonMM whose rice is for the widows not for e-rats, check AbdulFatai Yahaya Gambari and many others. 

No one can lie to us that he got anything for free without trading something in return except Saraki is involved these days.

Third Lesson:-

Another thing that stands out as a question needing answer is: what was Shollyment employed for by Lai Muhammed?

Shollyment is known to be anti Saraki and anti Kwara e-rat, under the sponsorship of Lai Mohammed, shamelessly posing on facebook with Fadeyi Oloro in Ondo and return to Kwara claiming to be a concern Kwaran to defame Saraki and rubbishing the activities of the Kwara State government as if Kwarans are fools. Has anyone reasoned to ask what the engagement of Shollyment, an APC boy in Kwara but AD member in Ondo, as an e-rat stands for?

Are Kwarans foolish not to know they and their paymaster are doing the bidding of the Southwest leader of APC?

Well, it is still the 20k at work. We have not also forgotten so soon how the Saint Shollyment was expunged from the Bank industry for series of fraud activities.

The answer is simple, Lai Mohammed has employed Shollyment and his likes to soil the image of the Sarakis, anything that has to do with Saraki and nothing more.

This is something that Kwara APC must look into, probe and sanction Lai Mohammed.

Saraki is the political leader in the entire North Central where Lai Muhammad himself belongs and the number 3 citizen of Nigerian and there is nothing anyone can do about it. They would rather perpetually fight his destiny and get consumed along the way.

How many more youths have been placed on a salary of 20K just to soil the image Saraki and to rubbish the Kwara state government? This is what we can define as slave trade whereas these e-rats will find it convenient to call loyal Sarakites names.

Funny enough all Kwarans know where Lai belongs – Lagos. So, no Kwara should expect any human capacity or infrastructural development from him. It was obvious we have more popular tourism sites in Kwara, yet Lai Mohammed chose to partner Lagos Museum as the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism. We have not forgot so soon how Kwara’s Bolaji Abdullahi ensured Kwara was the base of North Central YouWin initiative as the Minister of Youth Development. Just spot the difference see that he would always develop Lagos and Lagosians not Kwara and Kwarans.

In Conclusion:

As seen in my short analysis,

  1. Lai has employed the service of an Ondo born to tarnish the image of Kwara state Goverment which is very wrong.
  1. Sholyment is not an angel as he claims because he sold his soul for a pot of rice.
  1. There are many more people on such assignments and we shall compile their names very soon.
  1. Ogunlowo is evil for willing to destroy someone who simply aired a counter opinion and the question that we should ask him is that for how much and how many bags of rice was his own soul bought by Lai.
  1. It is also evident enough that Shollyment indeed was the one that called the meeting between himself and all other 20k e-rats, e-rice such as Comrade Bolakale, A A Jaji EquityEagle, Oyin Ajirotutu Zubair and sons (Father and Son on N20k Payroll), Mustapha Nuhu, etc under the coordination of Williams Adeleye. What a shame!
  1. If this whole revelation is not addressed properly, Lai will successful succeed in creating a state of mega slaves where the youth won’t have a clean head to think.