December 6, 2016


By Malik AbdulMalik –

Muhammadu Buhari means well for Nigeria ! No doubt about that . -That’s exactly why he is trying so hard to quell any form of projected uprising from phantom enemies like murdering 150 pro-biafran supporters and burying them in mass graves in Abia. He really means well for Nigeria because he doesn’t want it to break up at all.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha means well for Imo people -that’s why he had to reduce civil service work time to 3 days and reduce the burden of recurrent expenditure of the state and enforce subsistence farming for two days so that people will not say they can’t feed their families . Infact his own meaning well for Imo people drives him mad most times when he thinks about how to better their lives (so he said)

Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola means well for Osun people – that’s why till date there are no commissioners in his state cabinet. He has reduced salaries and estacodes to commissioners . No need to buy cars for ministries and pay commissioners and PAs and SAs and SSAs . Even salaries of teachers are no longer paid because the children now can home tutor themselves with that his Opon-Imo computers and learn how to do yahoo yahoo from home. Who school epp sef?

All Progressives Congress – APC having studied Nigeria’s problem and GEJ’s steady and continuous transformation agenda decided that they had a better “Alternative” that can effect immediate “Change” and put it on paper and sold to “impatient” Nigerians and they bought it .

Lucifer sat back and thought through it . Why would a kind and loving God decide that the creation he loves should have to use a rough and thorny and narrow road to get to the pearly gates when an expressway could be constructed and it would contain more people so he built one but unfortunately it didn’t get people to the pearly gates .

Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina state means well for the people of Katsina and didn’t want them worrying about not having money to buy caskets for their dead so he ordered over 100,000 caskets to ease their burden.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi means well for Rivers people – that’s why he is making sure that elections don’t hold in Rivers state to enable them get full representation at the NASS , so they will not carry the constituency funds and go and give to Governor Wike to spend at will and line his pockets. Don’t forget that he also doesn’t like taking bribes or giving bribes .

These men and many more all have good intents for their people but the problem with their intents have a reverse impact on the people they have all these wonderful thoughts and intents for .

Now I am not your typical Christian nor Muslim but I read the two religious books attached to these religions and even more than just the two of them. And I don’t read them in parts . I read the whole chapter and decide for myself through the help of the Holy Spirit to discern the message contained therein .

I think somewhere in the book of Ezekiel, it said “son of man, look to the north side of the wall in the temple and dig in and see what the leaders of my people are doing” (not exactly as was quoted) – I usually quote from the top of my head but it’s nearly it . Will find the verse later for you to read .

Somewhere again in the book of Zechariah chapter 7 (I don’t do verses ) it was written – ” and the children of Israel approached the prophet Zechariah to inquire on their behalf what the lord thought of the usual fasting and praying periods and he did and he came back with a word from the lord for them” , he said , ” when you fasted in the 5th and 7th months , did you fast for me or for yourselves ? My commands are simple – help the needy , clothe the naked, show mercy to the widow , etc ” ( not exactly as was written but you can check for yourself ) but did they listen? No! The scripture says ” the children of Israel “literally” stopped their ears . And then pestilence came upon them .

Did we warn Nigerians about these scammers? Of course we did! Did they listen? Nope! Just like the Bible story , they literally stopped their ears and followed the mad rantings of some online tin gods.

It happened and then this is where we are.

Then the Official Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Nigeria took the status of the Opposition party and then more persecutions came . Leaders were silenced. Some even had to decamp . We were left on our own . Everyone reading this tried their best . And are still trying .

No need to fight at all! Strengths are failing but we shall prevail .

Let me ask another question :

Did the APC get the PDP out of power via insults? No! They did through careful planning . Distorting facts and figures and threw it to the masses (court of public opinion ) and the masses rained insults on the then administration and the party on which it rode on to come to power. So in its original plan , insults wasn’t part of the plan. They knew the public would add that to the plan .

We on the contrary , had no plan or strategy but we believed that insults could help but we were wrong .

This is not me saying don’t INSULT! I will insult Buhari even in his death when he dies after his reign of tyranny. But that alone won’t get him out of power.

I pray you look at this critically and then understand why there is no need for the tempers flaying about.

We Are In This Together ! And Together WE WILL WIN!!