2023 Discourse: Unnecessary, Divisive and Diversionary
March 19, 2019

2023 Discourse: Unnecessary, Divisive and Diversionary

It has become pertinent that the hierarchy of the party takes steps to urgently address the very unnecessary, divisive and diversionary commencement of discourse on 2023 Governorship. This trend is absolutely embarrassing and manifestly premature. God has just won for us a second term under the leadership of Governor Udom Emmanuel, who is still in his first term.

We therefore appeal to the general public and the prospective aspirants to please allow the state to run smoothly without any distraction. While it is very permissible to have aspirations of any magnitude, time is a key determinant of the appropriateness or otherwise of such ambition. We also appeal to online influencers and bloggers to desist forthwith from instigating or participating in the promotion and projection of persons for 2023. Additionally, as the first term of this administration comes to a successful end, we are aware that the battle for appointment will reach fever pitch. We admonish the intended beneficiaries to recognize the fact that the authority to appoint is legally resident in the appointor(in this case the Governor) and exercised at his discretion, without any pressures whatsoever. Therefore mobilizing online or social media support will have absolutely no effect on the process.

Finally, may I very respectfully commend all Akwa Ibom people for their sustained unflinching support to the Udom Emmanuel led administration and assure that his second term will deliver democracy dividends beyond his documented promises.

Obong Paul Ekpo
State Chairman
People’s Democratic Party
Akwa Ibom State